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Online Platforms.

Easy-to-navigate, income & value-focused, websites.


Commercial video, digital ads & printed sales materials.


Custom designed, individual & team sales training.

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The combination of design, marketing, and sales focus helped us create the perfect campaigns for our clients.
Grill Master's Biggest Summer Money Makers.
Discover the hidden wealth Grill Master's and Food Truck Owners are finding behind partnering with other independent brand owners.
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How to get a Distribution Deal for your Web Series.
The only person that you should ask is someone that selects winners, or someone that has actually won! Luckily we have BOTH with Mastermind Bryan Thompson!
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Doing Battle with Titans.
Known for their size and speed these 9-man teams of raw, focused, energy tear up the turf every Saturday in Hollywood, Fl during Spring.
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Supercar Show Down
Feel your very core ROAR along side these monstrous, yet angelic machines. Watch interviews and the introduction of the ALL NEW Lamborghini Huracan LP
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$14Million Increase in value in 18 Months
We were tasked with re-branding a drab, medical billing company into a bright, energized medical resource and adding a multi-city , independent sales force.
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Immediate Value Services: Customizable Billboard Tees

Great for company uniforms, family reunions, gift & give-aways and more!

Billboard Tees

Market your business, service, location, or public/private event 24/7.

Full color. Fast Delivery. Quality Guaranteed.



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