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3 Key Ingredients to Perfect Marketing.

Clear Visuals.

Video, Digital & Print Imagery that connects with the viewer.

Strong Message.

Script, Verbage, Branding & Promos that establish Value.

Niche Audience.

200+ Filters to find your perfect, hyper-targeted, audience.

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How much is your BRAIN worth?

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Experts get paid for sharing the knowledge they've gained over a lifetime of hard work.

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Motivation & Learning Materials: 

Bite-sized morsels of your knowledge, packaged for retail sale.

Printed & eBooks

Simple eCourse

"Quote" Shirts

Branded Product Lines

Helpful Handouts:

Shorten the trip for someone going down the same path you are.

Custom Coupon Book

"How-to" for Newbies

Expert's Shortcuts

Winner's Manual

Promote yourself as an Expert:

Become an industry influencer by becoming a beacon of information.

Web Series & Podcasts

Host a Master's Class

1-on-1 Online Coaching

Convert to Paid Membership

Health & Wellness: Trainers, Gurus & PhDs.

Learn how to get paid for the YEARS of discipline you already put in. 

Simple Online Store

Workouts, Meal Plans & Detoxes

6-Fig Marketing for Trainers

Finding Sponsorship

5k+ Followers? Cash in on your Celeb Status.

Turn your Followers, Fans & Friends into Cash Flow.

Host Live Workshops

Find Corporate Sponsors

1-to-1 Custom Gear

Lifestyle Web Series

Head of a large Physical or Online Group?

Monetize that value today! Simple add-ons to help generate income From AND Within your group.

Increase Membership

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Monetize Your Audience

Board of Directors


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What does a Stock Footage Video look like?

Level 1

Simple skill, product or company overview.

Level 2

Complex Product Descritions. Great for wall/booth/table displays.

Level 3

Sales Presentation: Complex  & Multi-Layered  w/ Clear Call-to-Action.

What does a Full Package look like?

Live Action + Stock Footage + Full Graphics + Effects + Script + Music + Cover & End Caps.