History of success.

Put your money where your mouth is.

Bertrand Boyd II & Scrap Paper Inc.

Spoken Word Poet, Actor, Educator, Song-writer

Lesson 3: Be yourself.

Focusing on being the greatest is a job within itself. We needed to create a structure that prepared the profitability systems that Bertrand needed as his Art propelled his career.

Lesson 4: Stay true.

Every product line, commercial ad or event attended was in line with the focus of the company and the direction set by Bertrand.


We are currently in our 8th year of operation with Mr. Boyd with Errol Chung our, CEO performing as COO of Scrap Paper Inc., Mr. Boyd’s company.

  • Digital Marketing
  • Business Development
  • eCommerce
  • Photography & Video

See the controversial music video.

Bertrand's feature in Kodak Black's video reached over 202 million views.

Spoken Word Poetry.

The first marketing solution we addressed was his stage performance. we designed materials to promote his poetry, acting and musical passions.

Poetry Marketing

Poetry Marketing

Live poetry, Music, Books, Albums & more.

Giving back.

The 2nd platform we developed was an educational foundation. It was Mr. Boyd's intention to give underprivileged kids a way to express their innermost thoughts safely.

Scrap Paper Inc.

Scrap Paper Inc.

Youth workshops, community events & clothing line.