History of success.

Put your money where your mouth is.

South Florida Flag Football Association

Digital Media Marketing & Product Development

Lesson 1: The stampede.

The noise of the game. That was what we noticed first as well as what we designed our campaign around. Transferring that energy, that rush, through media and events to a public unaware this even existed.

Lesson 2: The superstars.

Within each athlete held the heart of a champion. Media and the public can bring these heroes into public light.


Weekly online involvement increased from a few hundred to over 7,000 Impressions, Shares, Likes and Comments per week. League profitability increased with ongoing development of new merchandising opportunities.

  • Sponsorship Program
  • Website Redesign
  • Weekly Video
  • Custom Video Intro

How did we help the league reach their audience?

HD Videos & Highlights

Giving our newly developed audience something dynamic to hold on to was no trouble with the amount of excitement on the field.

Highlight Videos on Facebook

Highlight Videos on Facebook

Over 50 unique commercial videos.

Dynamic Website

Capturing the spirit of the game into one website wasn't easy. Especially when taking cues from ESPN and the NFL.

SFFFA Website

SFFFA Website

Creating a platform dynamic enough to encompass this much energy wasn't easy.

Bertrand Boyd II & Scrap Paper Inc.

Spoken Word Poet, Actor, Educator, Song-writer

Lesson 3: Be yourself.

Focusing on being the greatest is a job within itself. We needed to create a structure that prepared the profitability systems that Bertrand needed as his Art propelled his career.

Lesson 4: Stay true.

Every product line, commercial ad or event attended was in line with the focus of the company and the direction set by Bertrand.


We are currently in our 8th year of operation with Mr. Boyd with Errol Chung our, CEO performing as COO of Scrap Paper Inc., Mr. Boyd’s company.

  • Digital Marketing
  • Business Development
  • eCommerce
  • Photography & Video

See the controversial music video.

Bertrand's feature in Kodak Black's video reached over 76 million views.

Spoken Word Poetry.

The first marketing solution we addressed was his stage performance. we designed materials to promote his poetry, acting and musical passions.

Poetry Marketing

Poetry Marketing

Live poetry, Music, Books, Albums & more.

Giving back.

The 2nd platform we developed was an educational foundation. It was Mr. Boyd's intention to give underprivileged kids a way to express their innermost thoughts safely.

Scrap Paper Inc.

Scrap Paper Inc.

Youth workshops, community events & clothing line.

Avisena Medical Billing Technologies

Online medical billing & insurance claim software with Live PMs.

Lesson 4: Move like a Giant.

Even though your company may not be the size of a Fortune 500, you can still make moves like you were. Make BIG decisions and reap BIG results. We rebranded our entire platform from color, logo, branding and more. .

Lesson 5: Don’t be afraid.

We were a small Sales Team, just around 7. With that, we dominated the entire SE Region with sales and new implementations.


With stock holders watching our ever move, the launch of a brand new website and a completely new marketing campaign, we surpassed all of our target goals. Our initial valuation rose from $11M to $17M leading our company merger valued over $23M dollars.

  • New Company Logo
  • New Branding Colors
  • Marketing Material
  • Video Commercials

How do you make Medical Billing Technology fun?

Give it a facelift

To attract attention of new prospects as well and refreshen our appeal with current partners. This new look had great results.

Brand New Branding

Brand New Branding

From dark and ominous to light and fresh.

Find New Growth Partners

Combining efforts with local community groups help spread our new branding initiative to local agencies forming the warm bonds we needing with their billing depts.

Chambers of Commerce

Chambers of Commerce

Creating relationships with agencies that create relationships.

Miami WebFest

4-Day International Independent Web Film Festival.

Lesson 7: Turn on the Spotlight.

Focusing on media that takes the focus off of the despair looms over the daily news headlines is a gift larger than you can image. Build hope into your business plan.

Lesson 7: Get involved.

Takes one to know one. Bryan Thompson, Director of the WebFest is a studying Entertainment Lawyer as wall as a recognized film producer.


The closing of the 3rd annual event was a special occasion. We are able to see now the first fruits of our labor with out top winners getting deals with Netflix and Hulu.

  • Social Media Campaign
  • Event Photography
  • Marketing Consult
  • Video Optomization

El Sueno hit the charts with a bang.

A great piece of work from an independent crew and cast.

Know your audience

As Film Festival that was created by a Film Director, the Miami Webfest take a unique approach to focusing on the highest possible value for its guests.

Build more value

Build more value

El Sueno was the first major production for Director Bryan Thompson.

Create your own path

Creating this award meant giving an opportunity for production crews, writers, directors and actors a chance to showcase their skill like never before.

Celebrate the process

Celebrate the process

We created our OWN winners circle of the best video teams around the world.