Live Consultation  & Training Workshops

Let's team up for a brain-storming session like none other.

Tawanda Sims, Industry Leading Event Planner

Live and Virtual training options from our Lead Consultant, Errol Chung, CFE

Gain insight from a 2x published, 17yr Sales Veteran.

LiquidSalesman v.1: Sales Mastery for Indep. Agents

Become an unstoppable sales machine! The tools taught here have made MILLIONS for corporations and commission based sales teams. Taught on sales floors including; American Express, Carnival Cruise Lines, Kaplan University and many others.

5 Marketing strategies you can launch THIS week!

A customized road map to referrals. Designed as a workbook, this course will give the reader 5 independent, non-internet-based marketing campaigns your lifestyle and doing what you already love to do.

Over 150 video training modules.  

Find out how we earned over 150k views in just 3 months with $0 paid sponsorship

Light a FIRE under your team.

Smart & fun meetings, workshops & events.

Live or virtual meeting facilitation

Supercharge your next Creative Design meeting. Implement current strategies with a twist into a whole new concept.


Let us help you find your Honeypot. Our design teams work with many industries and are especially adept at bringing out the BEST from our partners.

On-site group workshops

Customize your own team curriculum from dozens of unique modules.  Allow our experts the opportunity to dive deep in a face-to face engagement with your crew on topics they need most.


Supercharge your next meeting productivity meeting facilitation. Don’t waste another moment hoping your team”wakes up” to the reality of the situation. Reignite the fire in your top players.


Find out what a Spoken Word Poet taught a multi-million dollar marketing firm.

Customize your own formula for success.

Hyper-focus on your priorities, avoid distraction, delegate with confidence and more!

Ingredients to action.

Intrigue: Holds people’s attention.
Relevant: Easy to relate.
Engaging: Identifies with people’s needs.
Social: Helps people to connect.

Sustainable Growth & Development Strategies

Miami DMT’s Sustainable Growth & Development Strategies are responsible for shaping dozens of our clients’ professional futures. By combining deep business insight with the understanding of how technology and market fluctuations will impact their industry and business models we help establish a clear path to their growth.

No limits on your value.

No limits on your income.

Miami DMT understands the mechanics of visual presence & marketing success. We have the people, skills, insights and deep industry experience needed to shape how your clients perceive your value.

We also understand the subtle movements, rhythms and values that set true high performers apart. We bring the art and science of business together to help our clients create a unique new vision of their true worth.

Focused on bringing out the best in you.

Corporate Officers face substantial challenges, from customers with changing needs to new competitors and breakthrough technologies.

Miami DMT supports companies in all industries in staying ahead of new marketing developments, capturing new opportunities, and shaping how they are perceived by the world around them.

What happen's when 400 of the world's top business coaches gather?