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  • How do I find people ready to buy my product?
  • How can I better utilize my social media?
  • How do I sell larger orders to retail distributors?
  • How can I build a sales team on commission?

Daily Success.

  • Set smart goals.
  • Remove Procrastination
  • Remove Distraction.

Power Networking.

  • Influence Large Groups.
  • Automate Referrals.
  • Residual Income Partners. 

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Session 1:

Getting rid of negativity

  • Stop wasting time on negative people.
  • It is not your responsibility to listen to people complain.
  • Cleaning up your social media.
  • Confidence is the glue that binds.
  • 3 Essential rules to keeping your business pipeline full.

Session 2:

Landing your first few clients.

  • It May Not Be A Good Idea To Wear All The Hats.
  • Sales Is 80% Emotion & 20% Reality.
  • Don't be afraid to Launch Right In!
  • A simple guide to Pre-Qualifying.
  • How to ask for the Prospect's available budget?
  • Building your initial sales team from scratch.
  • Getting past the Gate Keepers.

Session 3:

Strategic Networking

  • Build Relationships by Shopping Locally.
  • Immediately Gain Access to Industry Leaders in Your Area.
  • Mutually Beneficial Marketing Relationships.

Session 4:

Becoming a Critical Member of the Team

  • Offer immediate value.
  • Relieving Miscommunication.
  • Create your own Checks & Balances Requirements.
  • Find your Accountability Partner.

Session 5:

Sell to Large Groups Instead of 1-To-1.

  • Creating a Target Audience.
  • Work with Causes you really care about.
  • Finding the right Professional Networks.
  • Focus on Group Leaders and Influencers.
  • Become Important to Group Leaders & Influencers.
  • 9 Ways to Connect with Group Leaders.


Scaling up & Keeping it Exciting.

  • Creating A Vault of Creative Marketing Ideas.
  • A Business Card by Any Other Name.

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