11 Tips For Perfect Presentations

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Don't be afraid to setup your audience for a dazzling show. Let them know, right off the bat this is not your typical presentation.

At the same time, offer clear labeling to why they are here and who you are.
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What's your angle?
Get right to the point.

Tell them exactly where you see an opportunity to make some money or make a difference. The most important idea to convey is that there is a GENUINE NEED for your ...thing.

Not that YOU think it’s a good idea.
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What makes you so special?
As your presentation rolls on, keep in mind your positioning.

Why shouldn't they just take your idea and go to someone more qualified or cheaper?
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Keeping your secret ingredient secret.
Tell your operational platform in a story-base, not a procedural base.

Keep the technical talk to a minimum when dealing with the specifics of EXACTLY HOW you do your thing.
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Dream bigger than yourself.
"One person's idea is a whisper in the night."
"The realization of a group of people that believe in the same thing is an army."

Organize essential partners first and build legions with their influence.
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Sexy, Fun, Funny or Life-Threatening
Who will be the end-user and how do you get their attention?

The tighter the niche the better. Show proof that you know exactly who is currently looking for what you offer and exactly how to get it to them.
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Know thine enemy.
Grab any war strategy guide and realize that 80% of it is knowing who your enemy is and how they think.

Knowing what your competition is doing right and wrong can lead to some incredibly monumental ideas for your vision and save you lots of money in trial and error.
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Who’s the Boss?
(*Hint: It ain’t Tony Danza)
Give them confidence that long term plans & budgets will be adhered too with a certain level of “Professionalism”.

Show proof that all decisions and responsibilities don't rest on your shoulders alone.
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The numbers tell a story.
All aboard the Pie-Chart Express, soon to join her sisters Line Graph and 3D Model.

Present clear factual data don't make them have to think too much (Green for Good. Red for Bad.)

Over-complicating things here may cause deeper research into the exact correctness. keep in mind the old bar goal is trust not an accounting degree.
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Social validation & proof of determination.
Show the fans and long term supporters of your idea.

Show your maturity & flexibility by identifying modifications you have made based on real market reviews & user suggestions.
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Layout the terms, then SHUT-UP.
You’ve done all you can (and all you should have to do to close the deal). If your pre-qualification was done correctly you already know you are talking to the right people.

Give them the opportunity to ask any final questions and make a decision. Under no circumstance is new information to be added.
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