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Original Video

Total Record Time: 12:37

Recorded on : Samsung Galaxy 10 Cell Phone

Mic-up: None

Lighting: Natural sunlight

Location: Luxury residential home

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Completed Commercial Video

Total Video Run Time: 8:24

Post production edits include:

What does it take to turn your

Selfie / Home-Made Video

into a commercial ready production?

Entry Sequence

Grabbing your viewers attention in the first few seconds of your video is critical to your success. Even if it a single post or “just trying out something new” your potential audience may never get a chance to see your greatness if it’s buried in the middle of your reel.

Video Remapping

In some instances, content is either purposely filmed out of order to make best use of lighting, guests, or other accommodations.
In post-editing, we remap (re-align) the raw footage to tell a clearer story.

Call-to-Action End Cap

Now that you have your audience’s attention, what now? We make sure to cap your videos with a task or request from your viewer. Now is the BEST time to ask them to do something special since they are already grateful for your video.

Text Overlay

Give your video a professional edge while giving your viewers strong way to look up more information about you. Proper spelling of names, locations & events allow the viewer to peruse their interest in the topic or in YOU, easily.

Image Overlay

Accenting your video with a few graphic images to enhance a comedic or dramatic point is a classic editing tip. For monetization, include product images, brands & company logos to your video. Improve your video’s storyline and commercial value.

Royalty Free Music

Jazz up your video with some awesome entry music, theme beat or even a few well-placed sound effects. Anything that you can imagine to help emphasize your point and keep your viewers entertained.

Intriguing Cover Slide

Don’t leave your BIGGEST piece of marketing to chance. YouTube will automatically choose 3 random slides as options for you to select as a cover, or you can upload you own. Create a clear and relevant cover that will stand out to potential viewers.

Catchy Title & Search Tags

It’s going to take more than the name of your show and an episode number to catch the daily YouTuber. Just consider the criteria that you us to select a video. A 2 second glance and the right search key words are all that separate you from super stardom.

Monetized Video Description

The description is there for 2 purposes. 1.) Read the summary before the video 2.) Find deeper details and links to important products, ingredients, location or vendors. Break your description into 2 parts and what your views and subscribers soar.