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Frequently asked Questions.

What is the criteria for a show?

Have you ever seen a reality, cooking or travel show and thought, "I can do that?!" Well here's your chance.

How will Creatives make money?

There are dozens of ways that independent shows can monetize just like the big shows. Learn location, vendor, product promo and more.

How much does it cost to get started?

There are multiple programs for Independents Actors, Production Teams & Film Festival hosts.

Where will my content be seen?

There are 2 content distribution tracks:
A- Major Social Networks
B- Targeted Industry Officials

Do we still own our content?

YES, of course! We are building this platform to assist you in reaching your goals of national syndication.

Do we help with Creative & Production?

We have lots of connections with top producers, creative teams and video teams to help manifest your vision.

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