Top 4 Ways to Monetize Videos.

Life-Style Marketing

Reality shows, prank shows, travel shows all line up under this category. Any show that creates the ideas that the featured actors are “just living an amazing life” are are willing to “bring you along” can be considered “Life-stlye Marketing”.

Interviews & Spotlight

Taking a moment to help someone share their message, their point of view, or story in an interview setting fits here. It could be in a studio, during an outing or even in a live video chat session. As long as there is both a Host & a Guest, you’ve got an interview. 

Venues & Events

Plenty of producers and camera crews spend their lives exploring the most beautiful, exciting, uncharted or unknown places in the world, and get paid to do it. Many, not all, of these  places often lack proper video marketing and are willing to pay to be featured. 

Straight-Up Commercials

Showing the emotion that that the buyer will have or explaining how your product is a solution to an already existing problem is the key to a great commercial. From a beautiful woman washing her hair under a waterfall, to an all purpose SUV tearing through the desert dunes at sunrise, great commercials put the view in a state of awe with purchase as the only way to achieve it.   

Speaker / Coaches

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